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The Social Network review

Wow, I have gotten horrifically behind on my writing. It’s time for another “I sort of remember enough of the movie to be fair about my opinions on it” bullet-point laden review. This time around, I will be giving a disservice to the great film The Social Network. This is the much-hyped, “Facebook Movie”. It is a dialogue-driven character study of Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s 26-year old founder. In the movie, Zuckerberg is played by a self-absorbed Jesse Eisenberg in a great turn as a person too smart for those around him.

  • The movie is really three separate stories about the creation of Facebook. None of which seem to be the “true” story. Do NOT enter this film thinking the portrayal of the people involved is true or accurate. These are stories and hearsay merged with dramatic storytelling
  • The beauty of The Social Network is in its look at friendship. Zuckerberg is a person with a core group of friends but wanting something, “significant” to happen in his life. When he creates Facebook (or is accused of stealing the idea), movie Zuckerberg begins to burn the bridges of those closet to him. The irony of the film is that Zuckerberg creates a refined way to be involved in the lives of friends while simultaneously isolating his own.
  • Another interesting portion of the film is how the film tackles the challenges of entrepreneurship. It shows how the Facebook team financed and tried to reach out to get seed money necessary to keep things active.
  • Justin Timberlake can act. I know… I was shocked too
  • Brenda Song is gorgeous and plays a pyscho girlfriend really well
  • Trent Reznor did the soundtrack with Atticus Finch and it’s great
  • The Social Network will win Academy Awards and Oscars
  • Forget your expectations. This is a story about friendship, wealth, youth, and betrayal all rolled into one. The dialogue is snappy if sometimes verbose. The acting is convincing. There is even some dark humor to be found
  • The film is not a completely fair portrayal of Mark Zuckerberg. Also, the film depicts college women as one of two things: sex objects or so cruel they force the invention of a world-changing idea. The writer of The Social Network,  Aaron Sorkin has tried to defend this but his defense rings hollow to me. I don’t think the movie is inherently sexist as some attest but it definitely lacked any multi-dimensional female characters. However, feminists need to take a chill-pill because the founding of Facebook was started by nerds who probably had a lot of trouble with girls until they found one that was special (which Mark Zuckerberg has as he has a long-time girlfriend in real life)

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