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103 Days?!

Holy moly have I fallen behind on the whole “blogging” thing. I’m being told that it has been 103 days since my last film review. I’ve seen several films in that time and now it is sadly too late to give them full and detailed reviews. So I am going to have to just throw very generic, unprofessional, and poorly written reactions to many films I’ve seen over the past four months. Here goes nothing.

The Green Hornet

  • Entertaining
  • Seth Rogen didn’t ruin the film like so many Internet haters thought he would
  • Cameron Diaz is starting to age. That is a great but inevitable tragedy of us all
  • There were some genuine laughs and decent action scenes
  • Chrisoph Waltz is a good actor if you want a villian

Battle: Los Angeles

  • Awful, cheap, and loud
  • Aaron Eckhart should fire his agent as should Michelle Rodriguez
  • The alien design looked as though someone threw up in a junkyard. Terrible
  • Just because you are filming from the “perspective” of soldiers doesn’t mean your camera work has to be erratic and nausea-inducing. Show some damned restraint
  • I didn’t even hear half of the character’s names


  • Super funny. I will always love Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. They truly demonstrated a love of American Science Fiction films. There are so many geeky references in the film I will be watching it again on Blu Ray just to see what I missed
  • Seth Rogen did awesome voice work
  • The CGI wasn’t horrible
  • Aliens cursing and smoking may be low-brow, but it’s FUNNY
  • Sometimes, you just need a movie that isn’t trying to be anything more than what it is

Source Code

  • Astonishing and nearly masterful follow up for Duncan Jone’s after Moon.
  • Takes a silly premise but introduces and expands on it in an engaging way that  eases the viewer towards suspension of disbelief
  • Strong human story driven by character action and not plot points
  • Excellent performances from the cast
  • So far has a place in the top ten films of 2011. Best film I’ve personally seen so far this year
  • When given the right director and script, Jake Gyllenhaal can indeed act.
  • Michelle Monghanan is pretty

Your Highness

  • I laughed, a lot
  • Film critics need to get their heads out of their asses. Sometimes, a stoner comedy is just a stoner comedy. It doesn’t have to be an Oscar contender
  • You will be astonished at the mileage gotten out of a Minotaur’s penis
  • Natalie Portman is so beautiful it’s cruel to know she’s pregnant
  • If you come into the movie without pretension, you too shall laugh heartily.

Scream 4 (or Scre4m if you want to use the stupid marketing)

  • Paid decent enough homage to the original
  • Don’t think this is going to do well at the Box Office
  • Allison Brie is smoking hot and had incredible cleavage in the film. She is giving Scarlett Johanssen and Natalie Portman a run for their money in terms of most gorgeous Jewish actress in Hollywood.
  • Neve Campbell didn’t look too beat up
  • Courtney Cox almost appeared plastic, like they used CGI to cover up her age
  • Some of the kills were lame
  • The movie takes a trip to Absurdville as it winds down

That’s all I can say for now folks. I’ll try to do better in the future about keeping this blog up to date.

I hold this work to be original thought. If I have used copyrighted material please email me. I will bring it down immediately. I merely mean for this blog to be a means to discuss and dissect my favorite things.