The A Team (2010) film review

This summer has been rather lackluster for the usual tentpole blockbuster season. Joining the chorus of mediocrity is the updated A-Team. I was a kid when the show was originally aired. I think I saw re-runs. My father was an actual A-Team fan though and was surprisingly excited for the film. I was vacationing in San Diego, CA when this premiered. A 5.7 earthquake struck the theater moments into the movie, creating an intense viewing experience. Thoughts are below:

  • It was absolutely mindless entertainment but had a very strange plot structure. I felt like much of the movie went in circles…
  • Jessica Biel’s beauty was wasted
  • Women may swoon for Bradley Cooper and I don’t blame them. I wish I had that muscle definition and didn’t like food and beer and working 9 hours a day at a sedentary job.
  • Rampage Jackson was an adequately satisfactory Mr-T. I mean, B.A. Baracas
  • Liam Neeson’s American accents really are pretty uneven. Thanks Family Guy for tuning me to that…
  • Things go boom and a tank flies!
  • I wasn’t bored
  • It was a fairly violent PG-13 film
  • My dad wasn’t thrilled by it but was also entertained. He had low expectations and they were met

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