Thor Film Review

Okay, I am truly failing to update this blog. Shameful, I know. Since 5 people in the world read it and 1000 people spam me, I’m okay with that.. Here we go with another lazy Friday bullet pointed review of Thor.

  • The film is largely a great success. I had deep reservations about how the sometimes goofy character of Thor could fit in with the way Marvel has been presenting their heroes. My concern was the “realism” of The Incredible Hulk and Iron Man would be lost once you introduced a Norse god. Envisioning Asgard as an alien planet was a good call and helped to suspend disbelief
  • Chris Hemsworth was well cast. He did a good job of playing up Thor’s arrogance and lack of control and then his humility
  • Tom Hiddleston as Loki was a casting stroke of brilliance. The man plays the cunning and violent weasel really well. It’s definitely encouraging to know he’ll be a part of The Avengers.
  • The film has a great setup for next years The Avengers after the credits roll.
  • Some of the costuming was goofy but given the nature of Thor’s characters it’s to be expected. The film envisions Asgard well enough to make some of the shiny cheesiness dissipate
  • I wish Kat Dennings had more to do in the film then comment on her lost iPod. She is too beautiful and talented to waste like this…
  • The film had good call outs to the other Avengers

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